Portfolio / Slurpee


Frozen in Time

In 2008 7-Eleven had let their beloved Slurpee brand melt into a sticky mess. Stores weren’t tending to their machines. Flavors were lackluster. Where had all the fun gone? I mean, this is the company that literally owns the trademark on the term “Brain Freeze”. For this reason the very first piece of work we completed was the Slurpee Manifesto.

Creative Director / Designer – David Morley
Art Director / Designer – Caleb Wills
Designers – Katie Sipe, Kristen Massey Lawrence
Animation and Video – Key Ratley
Developer – Cody Wagner
Writers – Tom Gulley, Nicky Lott
Information Architecture – Danielle Glick
Project and Account Management – Patrick Kiker
Traffic – Jamie Zorbanos


The Slurpee Owner’s Manual

The next step in jolting this brand back to life was so good propaganda. We designed and printed 500 of the infectious little books and put them in the hands of every 7-Eleven franchise owner in North America at their annual trade show. If this was going to work then these store owners had to start treating their Slurpee machines like the fountains of youth that they are.


Nothing is Complete Without a Video

This brand vision video, affectionately dubbed The Slurpee Essence, served  several important purposes. It provide us with a piece of media that could be shared around the entire company to spread the word that Slurpee was alive again. Next, it gave us chance to begin to visualize the visual style and attitude we wanted for the brand. A finally, it became an unbreakable contract that THIS is what it means to be Slurpee.


Slurpee Nation Rewards

The natural next step was to create a loyalty program that would reward our most loyal fans. Plus, Slurpee is a brand with so much swag to give back that it was really a relief for the brand team to have a new channel available. So Slurpee Nation ★Rewards★ was born.


Free Slurpee Day 2008-2010

July 11 is a Slurpee Day around the world (yes, the world). 7-eleven gives away free Slurpees all day long and you can bet it’s always a hit. My team presided over 3 years of Slurpee Days. We made it special every year and the media slurped it up.


Slurpee Battle of the Bands 2009-2010

In 2009 we were looking to get out on the road with this new passion for the brand. One afternoon in a brainstorm session someone brought up an old school battle of the bands. The room got quiet…and then it erupted with high-fives. We never looked back and 7-Eleven supported us one-hundred percent.


Grand Prize: The Slurpee Guitar

No ordinary prize would do for event so I reached out to my friend Robert Baker at HiTone Guitars and asked him if he could build us a custom guitar that looked like a Slurpee. After a few weeks of planning and prototyping we had the design. There were twelve made in five different colors and they were spectacular. (There was also a secret 13th guitar made – Serial No. 000. It’s hanging on my wall.)