Portfolio / Music.com
How can we explore music through the stories and themes instead of just the sounds?

The commercial music industry is categorized primarily around sound styles like rock, rap, country , jazz, or electronic – these are recognized by listeners through their sonic similarities of rhythm, instrumentation, and chord structures and patterns. But consuming music only through sound removes the story behind the song. Consuming music sonically will lead you from Rage Against the Machine to Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it will never lead you to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. This was the vision that Pharrell Williams set out for Music.com…a place where music is experienced through stories first, because stories are where music comes from.

Product Strategy – David Morley and Dawn Maire
Creative Direction – David Morley
Art Direction – Christian Hoyle
User Experience Design – Andrew Tolentino, Kevin Williams
Motion and Video – Isaac Murray

Research, roleplay, interviews, wireframes, and lots of imagination

Bringing an ambitious idea to life is an exciting challenge and a lot of hard work. No matter how strong your vision is you have to constantly fight the tendency to use logic you’re comfortable with or patterns you are used to. Users can give you lots of insights, but they can also lead you astray. In the end you have to adapt your vision without compromising it… this is the art and science of experience design.

Selling it to investors and influencers before it’s built

After weeks of research and design we wrapped our work up into an attractive road show that was ready to take on the road. This included an introduction video to clearly communicate the vision of Music.com. We also built an extensive clickable-prototype that allowed the team to demo the live experience before it was live.