Portfolio / Banfield Pet Hospitals
Over the course of six years I was able see this digital transformation from start to finish.

I began working with Portland-based Banfield Pet Hospital in 2012, supporting digital creative on their seasonal pet health focus campaigns. Success here lead to a redesign of the website, and then social media, and then their entire digital ecosystem.

Serving a client the size and complexity of Banfield is impossible to manage “organically”. It also can’t be done without trust and transparency between agency and client partner. Our Rockfish team visited Banfield headquarters for multi-day planning sessions at least once per quarter for four years.

Creative Director / Designer – David Morley
Associate Creative Director / Designer – Ben Lipsett
Sr. Designers – Ann Duke and Daniel Lara
Art Director – Ben Mullins
Video / Motion Graphics – Isaac Murray
Copywriters – Claire Tiffey and Randi Harris
Information Architect – Yolanda Ladia


Responsive Website Design

At the core of Banfield’s digital ecosystem was their website and customer portal. The website was home to over 3,000 pages of articles, pet health information, and the customer portal which tied to Banfield’s 800+ locations in the US.


Mobile App for iPhone and Android

One of Banfield’s most important competitive differentiators is their Optimum Wellness Plans – an annual healthcare subscription that keeps pets healthier by scheduling well checks, reducing costs, providing free visits, and giving pet owners instant access to vital information. The new Banfield mobile app put all of that right into pockets of pet owners, including me. Our dog Heidi has been a Banfield patient since 2013.


VR Tour of Mobile Pet Hospital

A great example of the breadth of our relationship with Banfield, this project came to us from the recruiting team inside Banfield’s talent acquisition group. You can’t be an amazing pet hospital without recruiting amazing young vets. This interactive VR tour allowed recruiters to show off Banfield’s mobile pet hospital that gets deployed in the event of natural disasters.


Tradeshow Interactive Presentation

Another partner project, we were asked to build an interactive road show for Banfield to take to their recruiting events across the country. This touch-screen experience contained enough content for a 30 minute presentation that included videos, interactive quizzes, and dozens of animated charts and graphs to help recruiters engage with any audience.